Customized Livestream Training from CESD

We believe that public schools can be legally compliant with Section 504, IDEA, and the Texas dyslexia law and still remain child-centered.


It's all about the kids...

Collaborating is complicated while social distancing.

While we’d be happy to talk with you about traveling to your school, district or state to provide to address your disability law training needs, those types of events are on hold for a while.


Unfortunately, the need for training hasn't gone away.  In fact, the complications arising from attempting to provide FAPE to students with disabilities is made even more complex when educators and the students they love and serve can't even be in the same place.


Through CESD, the conference arm of our law firm, we've developed the capacity to provide the same customized instruction on the topics that matter to you, without the need (and expense) for Dave or Jose to travel to you, or the need for you to gather folks for training. For more information on our approach, see our CESD sister-site by clicking here.